The digital enabler to self-determination.

HEADCUBE® enables people with physical disabilities to work independently with a tablet.
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Whom HEADCUBE® is made for?

1,0 mio.

severely disabled
HEADCUBE® is specialized for ~ 1 million people in Germany with functional limitations of the upper limbs. The solution is used, among others, by people with tetraplegia, cerelpral palsy and all those who cannot operate a tablet independently with their hands.

3,4 mio.

in need of care
HEADCUBE® is aimed at those who have the desire for easier and more intuitive operation of digital applications. Many are overwhelmed by the complexity, the diversity and the high number of apps and end devices. HEADCUBE® is easy to understand because all functions are always displayed in the four fields.

The control system

Specifically developed control system through head movements

Users can control the tablet with their head alone. This is possible with the help of AI-based analysis of head movements by the front camera of the mobile device. 

HEADCUBE® can thus recognize how the head is positioned in relation to the screen and reacts to changes in this position by triggering the control. Through head movement, the position of the head is changed and thus an input is initiated.


Touch control remains available as a supplementary input option.

How it works

Intuitive navigation through simple input options

The input menu always consists of four fields. The desired fields are selected by head movements. The control runs parallel to the head movements:

  • turn the head to the side, steers to the right or left respectively
  • moving the head vertically controls up or down
  • optionally, eye closure can be added to the control

HEADCUBE®’s scanning control system allows to use the application with only one direction of movement.

In the scanning process, the four input fields are marked one after the other at an individual pace and users select the desired field by their direction of movement.
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What HEADCUBE® can do

Typical everyday situations, where HEADCUBE® can help


HEADCUBE® enables users to watch videos, read books and listen to music independently.


Users can communicate their most important needs to outsiders through loud audio outputs and real-time messaging.


Innerhalb von HEADCUBE® können Nutzer:innen zwischen Spielen aus unterschiedlichen Bereichen auswählen: Denkspiele, Lernspiele, Wahrnehmungsspiele, Konzentrationsspiele


HEADCUBE® offers an integrated learning area in which users can further educate themselves on various topics.

The benefits

That's why HEADCUBE® is perfect for you

Happy users

What users say about HEADCUBE®

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With HEADCUBE® we can save a lot of time in the care team and enable those affected to lead a much more self-determined daily life.



Happy users

What users say about HEADCUBE®

Now I don't have to call my kids or my assistant to tell them, "Hey, I need this, I need that," but I can do it independently....

I use HEADCUBE® all the time... I use it for everything.



My son started using HEADCUBE® this week. We are so excited that he can finally watch videos and play games. This is very important for him to increase his independence.



Es ist magisch und ein Wunder. HEADCUBE® ist ein wesentlicher Bestandteil meiner Reise zur Kommunikation! Ich bin so dankbar für alles, was HEADCUBE auf dem Gebiet der Barrierefreiheit tut.


cerebral palsy

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The team


As a business economist and business mathematician responsible for management issues.


Is software developer and responsible for the technical development of HEADCUBE®.

What HEADCUBE® stands for

With HEADCUBE® we create a digital assistance. For all those who have not been able to use a mobile device due to barriers. Our goal is to open up possibilities for users - with a simple and intuitive control system. HEADCUBE® stands for digital participation and the playful use of various functions.

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Our vision

A self-determined life for all with physical or cognitive disabilities.

Our mission

Our solutions are designed to give everyone the opportunity for digital participation.


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